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Malibu Paddle Surf

10 foot Model 4 inches thick for riders up to 200 pounds. $499 delivered.

Awesome SUP StandUp Paddle Board Package. Includes Paddle, Pump , Repair Kit and Carry Bag/BackPack.

All orders get the Malibu Paddle Surf SUP Hat! 

Three modeled side fins directional stability
Drop stitch material provides unparalleled strength and durability
Quick inflation/deflation air valve
Non-slip traction pad
Steel tow ring
Convenient deck handle to easily pick up and carry the SUP
Passengers: 1 adult
Weight capacity: 200Lb. 10 footer
Inflated SUP dimensions:
Lengths: 10 foot - 11 foot
Width: 32 inches
Thickness: 4 inches - 6 inches

Package includes:

Air Hammer™ inflation pump
Aluminum oar that can be used for surfing 83” 
Repair kit
Travel bag
Pressure gauge

Learn the stand up paddleboard basics.

Step 1. ​​​Put the board into water, get on your knees. Start to paddle. Use the paddle for balance when you get up.
Don’t Stand horizontal to the board like a surfer, stand facing straight forward with a wide parallel stance.

You can use your paddle for balance, move blade forward or backward to keep steady, and even lean on it or pull up on it to find your balance. Always look forward and keep your eyes on the horizon. Try not to look down. 

Best feet position. Stand in the middle of the board.

Paddling and Switching Sides

When the board veer off course, to switch and paddle on the other side.
When paddle on the other side, don't cross your arms. The upper hand moves down and the hand below moves up to the handle.
Lean to the side you are paddling on to get more strokes per side. You can almost paddle on one side the whole time if you really lean hard. 

How to paddle your paddle board?

Don't just paddle with your arms. Use your whole body weight. When throwing the paddle into water, bend your upper body down. Keep your legs kind of straight. 

How to Turn Your Paddle Board?

The easiest way to turn initially is to paddle "backwards". Or paddle a C turn, which is a wide paddle in the shape of the letter C. 

Inflatable SUPs have been around for awhile. These are perfect for the ocean, marina, lakes, rivers and small waves. Let's say 4 footers or under. That covers 90% of all surfing areas as is. These come with everything you need to start your SUP adventure. Easy to carry, transport and store. That is almost the biggest challenge with this sport. All inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a 6 month warranty. Questions or to find out which board is right for your level. Basically, the bigger the board the easier to SUP. Text Matt 310.467.6898

Free Malibu Paddle Surf Hats one size fits all with 11 FOOT stand up paddleboard order.  

11 foot Model 6 inches thick for riders up to 325 pounds. $589 delivered

10'6 Model 5 inches thick for riders up to 245 pounds. $549 delivered

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